Rules now limit time spent at Winter Emergency shelters

Rules now limit time spent at Winter Emergency shelters
The center provides access to showers, laundry, barbershop, phone bank, mail room, day room, computer lab, medical clinic, gardens and bike maintenance area, according to its website. The center normally doesn't house people at night, IRC Director …
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Rising anger as Nicaragua canal to break ground
FILE – In this Dec. 10, 2014 file photo, farmers shout slogans against the construction of the planned inter-oceanic canal as they arrive for a national protest march in Managua, Nicaragua. The project is slated to open a huge waterway over what is now …
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Congress Confirms NIST's Role in Cybersecurity – and the Continuation of the

Congress Confirms NIST's Role in Cybersecurity – and the Continuation of the
Through five “titles,” the bill includes provisions to promote cybersecurity research, private/public sector collaboration on cybersecurity, education and awareness and technical standards, which includes a federal cloud computing strategy. … In …
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Personal Tech Products Designed Specifically for Seniors
These devices come equipped with simplified software, big, vivid features, less clutter and better customer support packages, which makes them more appealing and much easier to use than mainstream devices. Here are several top … Ready to go right out …
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How AWS remains resilient and enterprise focused
When asked about how effective this support can be, given that the other suppliers often compete directly with AWS, Gavin says where a customer has chosen AWS for the cloud, the software supplier must ultimately support its customer because the …

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Broken Laptop? Can Fix It!

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 13, 2014

Bob Knows Repairs announces a new addition to their current range of services. In addition to mobile phone and tablet repairs they are now fixing and repairing computer laptops and computer laptop peripherals, including: broken or cracked computer laptop screens, hard drive upgrades and repairs, repairing ports, stuck keyboards and RAM.

To have a laptop repaired, you can bring it to their Atlanta Buckhead office any day, 7 days a week, call them at 404-937-1989, or mail it in. They will have the laptop back to the customer usually within 2 business days.

Why spend more than you need to? You dont have to buy a new laptop. Bob Knows Repairs is here to help and our team can save you up to 80% on repairs, said shop manager, Collin Wells. We can get your laptop back to you like new! Guaranteed.

For fast, efficient repair of laptops contact for a free estimate of any laptop repair job. They fix cracked or shattered laptop screens and repair computer laptops fast so theres hardly any down time.

In a study called Internet Addicts Suffer Withdrawal Symptoms like Drug Users it was reported that going cold turkey from an Internet addiction can trigger withdrawal symptoms similar to drug users in withdrawal. If your computer stopped working and youre feeling anxious, restless or irritable or are having palpitations, difficulty breathing, or tremors you could be suffering from Internet withdrawal.

At Bob Knows Repairs, they want to know Is your mouse finger twitching or getting fidgety? We dont want to see any of our customers suffer from computer use withdrawal. We fix computers and fix them fast so youll be back online before you know it.

Contact them below and schedule an appointment.


Shops of Buckhead

2221 Peachtree Road NE # R

Atlanta, GA 30309

Tel: 404-937-1989


See more at:

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Carlsbad Open MRI Offering CT Services Beginning December 12th

Carlsbad, NM (PRWEB) December 11, 2014

Beginning December 12th, patients in the Carlsbad, NM area will be able to go to Carlsbad Open MRI for CT scans. For years the center has exclusively offered MRI and Ultrasound for patients, but this December theyre pleased to add CT services to their list of procedures.

Carlsbads new CT scanner, a GE LightSpeed RT16, will be up and running by Friday the 12th. Patients will be offered 100% flexible scheduling and a cash-pay price special of $ 400, which is approximately $ 200 lower than the average cost for a CT scan in the area. Patients and referring physicians will also have access to same day appointments and STAT procedures.

Computer Tomography (CT), is a medical imaging method similar to an MRI that uses x-rays to take images of different parts of the body. CT scans are particularly useful for detecting cancer, scrutinizing severe injuries or rapid symptoms, diagnosing spinal injuries, and examining soft tissue and small bones.

The GE LightSpeed RT16 is a multi-slice scanner with a wide-bore that allows Restorative Therapy stimulation for patients. The LightSpeed RT16 is considered to be one of the worlds leading CT scanners for cancer care, and can take high resolution, high quality 2D and 3D images. The addition of the CT scanner to Carlsbad Open MRI will provide patients in the area with a low-priced, high quality option for CT screenings.

Open MRI of Carlsbad is a local business that has been offering medical imaging services to patients in the New Mexico area for over nine years. As an independently owned organization, Carlsbad Open MRI strives to offer patients top-notch care while prioritizing patient experience and low rates. For more information, visit

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RDPSoft Helps Small and Medium Enterprises Handle Virtualization Challenges With New Release of Remote Desktop Reporter

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) December 11, 2014

RDPSoft, a startup company focused on user session performance metrics for both on-premises and cloud-based networks, announces the arrival of Remote Desktop Reporter 2.7, a comprehensive solution for all types of networks, regardless of the virtualization technologies they employ.

In 2013, RDPSoft debuted its utility to the broader virtualization and server based computing (SBC) communities. Andy Milford, Founder and CEO of RDPSoft, recognized a gap in the market for SMBs who depended on SBC solutions like Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp, and VMWare Horizon View, yet had no way to track performance and user activity metrics on those platforms. Until the launch of Remote Desktop Reporter, SMBs were often priced out of SBC performance monitoring and session tracking utilities the tools were priced per concurrent user and only offered at the highest licensing tiers of primary SBC platform vendors.

Version 2.7′s Enhanced Feature Set Expands Ability to Address Virtualization Challenges

While previous releases of Remote Desktop Reporter focused exclusively on the SBC platforms mentioned above, version 2.7 introduces both a greatly enhanced feature set while expanding the virtualization technologies it can serve.

Upon entering this market, we quickly learned that most businesses leverage a hybrid potpourri of virtualization platforms and shared computing technologies, Milford emphasized. For instance, a law office may have physical desktops for internal staff, yet use multiple RDS or Citrix XenApp servers on top of Hyper-V for remote access by outsourced support staff. Other companies have a few virtualized desktops running alongside physical desktops and a Terminal Server.

According to Milford, this new release – version 2.7 – of Remote Desktop Reporter is the first in a number of releases that will focus on gathering user session metrics from all user activity, be it occurring in a Remote Desktop session, a virtual desktop, or physical desktop. A free trial software is available at the company’s web site:

Addition of Remote Desktop Reporter Agent Expands Data and Metrics Gathering

The primary driver of the new feature set in Version 2.7 is the brand new Remote Desktop Reporter Agent. Previous versions of our software were completely agentless, explains Milford. We collected and warehoused user session information from Remote Desktop servers, Citrix XenApp servers, and VMWare Horizon View servers. However, the new agent gives us the ability to both gather an enhanced set of metrics on the aforementioned SBC platforms as well as grab the same types of metrics from physical desktops and/or virtual desktops where required.

For example, Remote Desktop Reporter can now show administrators how much of the CPU and memory individual sessions are consuming, both in aggregate and down to the minute. Administrators can record periodic session screen captures for review later, and see what programs in what sessions are connecting to what sites over what ports. More importantly, all this data is indexed in a database so administrators can search for sessions that match certain criteria – such as port usage, application window title, or application name.

Now, with a modest investment in Remote Desktop Reporter, managers can get valuable time-tracking data on how computing resources are being used, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud. And, network administrators can very quickly prepare a root cause analysis of what caused a problem on one or more SBC platforms, down to the individual user session, or even a specific program in that session.

This is the sort of visibility that simply isnt available from common NMS (Network Management System) packages that look monolithically at devices as a whole, with no insight into how specific user sessions can impact performance for others, said Milford.

RDPSoft Retains Commitment to Flexible, Affordable Pricing

Reflecting the companys continued commitment to the SMB community with the version 2.7 release, pricing remains highly affordable.

For managed service providers, RDPSoft also offers a monthly subscription based licensing program. More details can be found at

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Your score is out of

Your score is out of
The views expressed are not those of this company or its affiliated companies. Please note by clicking on "Post" you acknowledge that you have read the Terms Of Service and the comment you are posting is in compliance with such terms. Please enable …
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Animated 'Kaguya,' a likely Oscar nom, deeply engrossing
“The Tale of the Princess Kaguya,” touted by many as a likely Oscar nominee for best animated film this year, is the first movie in 14 years from Japanese anime master Isao Takahata. Its exquisite hand drawings combine a strong sense of line with …
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Sony Prepares for Life After Game Consoles
The company says one of its top priorities in 2014 has been buying servers and expanding its cloud networks to make sure it can reliably stream high-bandwidth games through PlayStation Now, the service it introduced over the summer. … forms of …
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Haiti Energie, S.A./LLC Partners with Florida International University (FIU) to Solve Electricity Crisis in Haiti

Miami, FL (PRWEB) November 07, 2014

To solve the power crisis, Haiti Energie partnered with the FIUs Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Under the partnership agreement, the FIU will provide the engineering design and plan for every project Haiti Energie takes on.

FIU has one of the greatest energy labs in the world, said Dr. Romain. The technical support provided by the graduate students at the FIUs Smart Grid Test Bed Research Lab will allow us to be even more efficient and reliable. It also enables us to build micro-scaled smart grid in different municipalities throughout Haiti, as well as provide solar systems for small and medium-size businesses, such as hotels, schools and hospitals.

Haiti Energie also partnered with a strong solar energy system provider that will help fund operations and provide batteries, wiring, racking and all the accoutrements necessary to transform a solar plan into a highly efficient and productive solar system. With this agreement in place, we are gaining a reliable business partner for hassle-free installations, said Dr. Romain.

The new partnership agreements strengthen Haiti Energies position as the leader in Haitis energy sector. Haiti Energie is the only company in the country poised to solve this overwhelming power crisis, said Dr. Romain. We are one of the private company in Haiti that is licensed by the government to sell electricity to private and government institutions, as well as commercial and residential customers.

The demand for solar power in Haiti is rapidly growing, as only about 20% of the islands population are estimated to have access to electricity. The capital city of Port-au-Prince has the most widespread electrical grid in the nation, but still only covers about 45% of the citys population.

At over $ 0.5/KWH, the cost of electricity in Haiti is over four times as expensive as it is throughout much of the United States. Currently, Haiti gets 60% of its electrical energy from imported diesel fuel, most of which comes from Venezuela. Residential and commercial buildings alike devote more than 40% of their budget to meeting this need. Solar generated electricity can dramatically cut these costs and reduce emissions.

Haiti is an ideal country to utilize solar power, as its skies are clear for 71% of daylight hours. Innovations in production and an increase of producers have resulted in decreasing costs for solar panels, inverters, mounting equipment and other solar products, making them an affordable solution to the power crisis in Haiti. Solar power prices have fallen off a cliff since the technology first got commercial exposure in the 1970s. Todays solar power systems are on average half of what they used to cost back in 2000, making solar an increasingly competitive energy choice.

Haiti Energie is committed to solving electricity crisis in Haiti with clean, affordable solar power. Founded just five years ago under the leadership of Dr. Ed D. Romain, its list of achievements is remarkable. Haiti Energie has installed over 3.5 Megawatts of solar-based electricity throughout Haiti. The company was at the forefront of designing and installing solar systems for the Mirebalais Hospital, the largest solar electric hospital in the world. Haiti Energie has also installed thousands of solar street lights, which has had a direct impact on lowering the crime rate in those areas.

Haiti Energie has worked with the government of Haiti to deregulate the power sector in the country. As a result, two regions in the country have been open to investors. For the first time in history, the Haitian government initiated a process of modernization of the public company, Electricity of Haiti, by launching an international call for tenders for the selection of strategic investors in South-East and North-West.

Haiti Energie carries a full line of solar-based equipment that provides electricity to both residential and commercials buildings. The company provides a wide array of services, from design to supply, installation and repair. Haiti Energie is incorporated both in Haiti and the United States.

About Haiti Energie, S.A.:

Haiti Energie, S.A. ( is a renewable energy company, bringing affordable solar power and access to electricity in Haiti. Through careful analysis, strong customer support, and cost-effective solutions, Haiti Energie provides a wide selection of products and services designed to dramatically lower energy costs and ensure access to electricity in Haitian communities. For more information, please visit To follow Haiti Energie on Facebook, connect with us: Learn more about the company on YouTube:

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Clinical Practice Solutions, the Home of, Proudly Announces Their New Program, Making Dragon

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 04, 2014

Clinical Practice Solutions, home to, has announced the availability of their program, Making Dragon Affordable, which offers Dragon

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Is there no limit to the wearable revolution?

Is there no limit to the wearable revolution?
Not too long ago, kids had to make the effort to reach into their pockets if they wanted to use a computer. But those smartphone days were simpler times. By 2018, it's estimated that the … mostly for the better, by the incoming avalanche of wearable …
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New Raspberry Pi-based computer stocks up for Christmas
The company behind a Raspberry Pi-based computer and coding kit for teaching schoolchildren is preparing for the Christmas sales with a $ 1m credit facility from Barclays to support increased stock. The Kano computer, which raised $ 1.5m … “There has …

NYC To Invest .5 Million In Major New Fashion Manufacturing Hub
Hundreds of new jobs in fashion design and garment manufacturing will be created in Brooklyn in 2015, thanks to the upcoming launch of the Manufacturing Innovation Hub for Apparel, Textiles & Wearable Tech, a new fashion epicenter. New York City …
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Renowned Eye Surgeon Dr. Stewart Shofner Explains Why Eyes Feel Dry and Scratchy More During the Winter Season and Offers 5 Tips for Dry Eye Relief

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) November 29, 2014

Renowned Eye Surgeon Dr. Stewart Shofner of Shofner Vision Center has provided quality vision care services to middle Tennesseans for 23 years. Compared to other areas, Nashvilles winters are fairly mild, however its common for many people to suffer from dry eyes during the colder months. Dr. Shofner explains why and offers tips to help relieve dry eyes.

Dry eye syndrome is caused by a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. Dry eye affects over 25 million Americans and more than 100 million people worldwide. Dry eye can occur at any age, but is more common among older adults, especially post-menopausal women due to hormonal changes.

Dry eye syndrome is common in winter because of cold, dry outdoor air. Dry indoor heat also may contribute to dry eye symptoms and worsen the symptoms if not treated.

Dry eye syndrome is much worse in the winter as people tend to stay indoors where warm dry air is prevalent, says Dr. Shofner.

Dry Eye Symptoms

Common symptoms of dry eye include dryness, grittiness, soreness, irritation, burning sensation and eye fatigue. Additionally, symptoms may include pain, blurred vision or even watery eyes, which try and compensate for the dryness. Dr. Shofner says Because both dry eye and allergies can cause watery eyes, differentiating the two conditions can be difficult and may require an eye exam. Cold medications that dry out the sinuses may worsen dry eye symptoms. Dr. Kevin Johnson of Shofner Vision Center adds, Contact lens wearers in particular are subject to dry eye symptoms because the dry air reduces the moisture in the contact lenses.

These symptoms can hinder peoples daily activities such as reading, using the computer, wearing contact lenses and being outdoors on windy days. The symptoms generally worsen throughout the day. Dry eye disease is one of the most common topics patients discuss when visiting eye care professionals, says Dr. Shofner.

Dry Eye Relief Tips


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