PC Support Company My Tech Gurus to Service Windows 7 After Mainstream Support Ends

Greenwich, CT (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

With the recent news of Microsoft ending mainstream support for its Windows 7 product, the experts at MyTechGurus.com are offering one year of unlimited tech support for $ 249.99 for one PC. In January 2015, Microsoft will no longer offer support to this five year old operating system, nor will it update the design or add new features. In response, MyTechGurus.com offers ongoing service and advice for current users to take. (1)

Windows 8 is believed to be a much better operating system, as Windows 7 had many bugs. However, the timing appears to be on a much more rapid pace than is usual for this industry, or this company. By comparison, Windows XP debuted 12 years ago and users only just lost mainstream support in 2009.

What the announcement from Microsoft about the end of mainstream support for Windows 7 means to users is that there will not be any more security patches or performance enhancements. According to Forbes.com published on July 10th, Windows 7 is currently running on over 50 percent of PCs around the world.

While Microsoft would like its customers to upgrade their systems more frequently, Windows 7 owners are encouraged not to stress about this recent news announcement. The experts at MyTechGurus.com are familiar with this type of situation and offer a complete satisfaction guarantee to their customers. There are over 500 Microsoft Certified Technicians at MyTechGurus.com, a company with over a decade over experience in computer technical support.

Customers needing assistance with these products or services are encouraged to contact them at (888) 587-1775.

About My Tech Gurus:

My Tech Gurus is an independent remote technical support company specializing in technical support, customer support, IT infrastructure management, remote IT services, and data backup and retrieval. My Tech Gurus has more than 500,000 customers, with customer bases in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. My Tech Gurus delivery model is based on the principal of taking work to the location where the best talent is available, where it makes the best economic sense, with the best possible service. The management team comprises of investment banking executives, former CIOs of Fortune 500 companies, and IT professionals. For more information, visit http://www.mytechgurus.com.

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Ridding the World of Jerks – JerkStopper Introduces the JerkStopper Brand and Its 12-Strong Superhero Squad of Cable Management Devices

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) July 08, 2014

JerkStopper, founder of the worlds leading cable retention system, is leading a new global initiative to rid the world of jerks. Fostered by the success of JerkStopper Computer and Camera Support devices, which are already fighting evil lurking in the darkest reaches of businesses, homes and photo studios, JerkStoppers all new line-up of 12 superheroes are poised to take on cable management demons the world over. Check out the full lineup of action stars here: http://www.JerkStopper.com

The latest heroes to join the JerkStopper team of avengers includes Twist, Stretch, Catch, Zip and a powerful team of Clamps. Jerks, tugs and pulls can dislodge or, worse yet, ruin both cables and ports, leaving innocent victims with damaged and irreparable devices as well as costly repairs to computers, servers, tablets, cameras, soundboards, musical instruments, monitors and many other devices. The JerkStoppers main mission is to ensure these jerks, trips and yanks wont dislodge the power cords and cables that keep the worlds technology running smoothly.

Meet the newest members of your Superhero Team:

Twist A simple twist secures a cable on any item up to 2.5 in diameter. Easily remove and reattach as needed.
Stretch Ideal for any cable thats on the move. The stretch application provides needed leeway as the cable is in motion.
Zip Secure to any object up to 6 in diameter. Its a reusable tool that creates a great long-term hold on a cable!
Catch Prevent cables from falling to the floor or behind a desk. Catch keeps cables exactly where you need them, for the next phone charge, power connection, hard drive mount and more.
Guitar Kit Avoid static, popping and plug damage. It features quick-release and easy installation for switching out guitars without missing a beat.
Quick Clip Perfect for swapping out cables on the fly. Clip to any nearby wire or rod and keep all needed cables close.
ProTab Cable Ties Never lose a cable tie again! ProTab Cable Ties uniquely secure to the cable or cord. Coil cables, hoses, tools, yoga mats and more.

How the JerkStoppers Work:

JerkStopper Cable Retention Devices prevent you and others (kids, dogs, clients, customers, musicians, hooligans and villains of all types) from costly damage to electronics and cables. When clamped securely to the cable, the varying JerkStoppers twist, clamp, strap and stretch to create an anchor that keeps the cable connected securely in the port and maintains a solid connection to prevent damage to the device or cable, should the cable get jerked.

About JerkStopper:

At JerkStopper, our mission is simple: Protect our customers computer, video, photo, audio, musical and personal device ports and cables from expensive damage and repairs. We strive to provide the best cable retention and cable management products, paired with superior customer support. JerkStopper designs and manufactures the majority of our products in the United States and we take great pride in ridding the world of evil jerks. (US Patent No. 7,537,477) JerkStopper is a sister-company of Tether Tools.

Click Here for: Images, Product and Company Information.

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Computer Repair Mississauga|Mississauga Computer Repair|Computer Repair In Mississauga

Megahurtz Computers Call: 905-274-9649 211C Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON L5G1G5 Computer repair Mississauga is a procedure of rejuvenate a lifeless computer and laptop to life. Computer…

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Computer Service Locarno Sàgl – Locarno – Computer Service, assistenza, informatica

Computer Service vi garantisce l’assistenza informatica per risolvere i vostri problemi in fatto di elaboratori elettronici. Inoltre offre servizi di compra-…
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Take a tour of our main computer service center located in beautiful Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Though we offer onsite service throughout the Lehigh Valley, Sl…
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Laptop Repair London is Set to Launch a New City of London Shop

London, City of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh (PRWEB) June 30, 2014

Laptop Repair London is delighted to announce the launch of their brand new shop in Central London which is due to open mid July 2014. Laptop Repair London has been operating almost 9 years now as an online business, with a Central London Office as a drop-in centre. However, that is about to change with a new flagship store in Central London.

Laptop Repair London is now one of a handful of independent laptop repair specialist to have a high street store in Central London. The City of London, and specially the shop space in the City, has solely become the arena for big brands, and hardly any repair shops exist in the City.

Ryan Newman, Managing Director, explains, computer repair shops or laptop repair shops often have a back alley image. They are often one-man bands operating from places like Gumtree, or with a small corner in a small independent newsagent. However, we are working to change that image. Our aim is to provide customers with an in-store laptop repair experience that is first class and welcoming. We want the customers who visit us to have a great experience. It’s frustrating anyway with a laptop being broken, as a customer, you don’t want to then have to worry about where you go to take it for repair.”

Ryan Newman, explains that, “Laptop Repair London, will continue to offer the online service, which includes London and National collection and delivery service for laptops. However, the Central London Laptop Repair Store will complement the online service.”

For further information about Laptop Repair London, please visit http://www.laptoprepairworkshop.co.uk


Laptop Repair London is located in Central London close to four major stations in the cityBarbican, Farringdon, Angel, and Old Streetand their address is 170 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7DT. For more information, call 020 3397 4232.

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Three treated after Saturday wreck

Three treated after Saturday wreck
A two-vehicle accident north of Summit on Highway 51, resulted in two drivers and a passenger being taken to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center Saturday afternoon. The collision involving a Ford Explorer and a Toyota Corolla, one driving …
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E-ZPass 'Unpaid Toll' Service Center Collection Agency Email is a Scam
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10 Stories of Unforgettable Customer Service
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North Omaha activist finally gets his radio station
WASHINGTON — Federal regulators agreed this week to award a low-power FM radio license to a north Omaha community activist who has been working for years to get such a station going. William King had expressed frustration that his efforts to get a …
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Caduceus Medical Group Pediatrics Offers Complimentary EKGs at Caduceus 4 Kids, Yorba Linda, California

Yorba Linda, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2014

Routine EKG testing has been controversial due to the additional cost, often creating an additional financial burden for families that have seen co-pays and deductibles increase with the implementation of the ACA in 2014. Caduceus is committed to continue its pledge as one of the trendsetters in the medical field, putting patients before profits and ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience. This decision will continue to enhance patient care by expanding its existing complimentary concierge services, thereby improving medical outcomes for patients.

Caduceus Medical Director, Gregg DeNicola MD, adds, If we can identify even one young patient with an otherwise unknown cardiac condition, thus preventing a serious or even life threatening outcome, then the implementation of this new policy speaks for itself. Dr. DeNicola also shares that with early detection many of these outcomes could have been avoided, as referenced in this recent article in the Wall Street Journal.

Both existing patients and those new to Caduceus may take advantage of this complimentary service, available on the Yorba Linda campus at Caduceus 4 Kids in the Life Center, 18210 Yorba Linda Blvd. Ste. 404. No appointment is necessary, and EKG walk-ins are also welcome.

Caduceus Medical Group, is an Orange County CA primary care, ob-gyn, pediatrics, and specialty medical group, and has received extensive local and national news coverage for its unique approach to medical care, focusing on an effort to provide access to all through innovation and online complimentary concierge services. As one of the only remaining locally owned and managed medical groups in Orange County, providing the ultimate patient experience is critical for the group to continue to grow and thrive in the communities served.

Access to all is the cornerstone of its philosophy at Caduceus Medical Group. The group takes most forms of insurance and offers discounted cash pricing for those uninsured or underinsured. Caduceus is also participating in all plans and tier levels of the state exchange, Covered California.

About Caduceus Medical Group

Caduceus Medical Group is a community based multi-specialty medical group practice and management services company. Caduceus Medical Group is owned exclusively by doctors and features a unique business model that keeps it independent from interference by health plans or hospitals. Step into the Caduceus Medical Group lobby and notice the difference right away. Patients are immediately greeted by assistants with computer tablets that will confirm appointments and get complimentary espresso drinks or bottled water.

Not having an appointment is not a problem as walk-ins and urgent care patients are always welcome. Caduceus Medical Group offers easy communication with staff who can answer medical questions including internet access to their physician and a smartphone app for additional access for patients. The Caduceus website is patient friendly for appointment setting, full of patient educational resources, and archives their informative monthly e-newsletter.

Patients choose Caduceus Medical Group because they value their health, time, and a medical practice that supports their right to the best in care with access to all.

For more information contact:

Tina Franklin

Director of Marketing and Patient Relations


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Sculpture for city traffic center being created at Guthrie Green
Patrick Sullivan works on a sculpture at the Guthrie Green on July 8, 2014, when completed it will be moved to the Chares L. Hardt Operations and Engineering Center. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World. Buy this photo · Public Sculpture. TOM GILBERT …
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Go! Calendar of Events, July 12
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